VHF Propagation Aids

144 MHz Propagation Logger
APRS VHF Propagation maps
William Hepburn's VHF/UHF Tropo Forecasts
Download Wingrid   A great little program to calc beam headings from grid squares & more

Other VHF Stuff         

VE7BQH's Chart for a 4 bay of various antennas
Complete Sun and Moon data for one dayA good way to find true north Instructions

Information about Swap Meets        

TexasHams.org HamFest Calendar

General Information         

Andrew SuperFlex FSJ4-50B Specs
Andrew LDF4-50A 1/2 in Specs
Andrew LDF5-50A 7/8 in Specs
Andrew LDF6-50 1 1/4 in Specs
Andrew LDF7-50A 1 5/8 in Specs

Links to Ham's Web Pages         

Walt W5WSH

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